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Viral Images – Health Awareness Posters For Schools

A Printspiration Spotlight by Jennifer Bosch Gyuricska

Printspiration Spotlights are a monthly spotlight on how print is being used to enhance everyday life and business. This month’s spotlight is about a health awareness poster campaign. It was submitted by Jennifer Bosch Gyuricska. 

Give Us A Little Intro. Who Are You?

I am the founder of Prairie Telegraph Digital Marketing, where I help small businesses and solopreneurs think strategically about their marketing. I feel that too many folks are wearing too many hats and that we’re all spending too much time glued to our screens. I hope to alleviate the discomfort and help businesses get noticed allowing business owners to #StepAwayFromTheDesk.

How Have You Used Print In Your Life Or Business?

This is way, way back, in one of my first jobs. I was in Health Promotions, working at a public health office in a small town in rural Alberta. We put together a campaign – I can’t remember now if it was to stop mono or what exactly the virus was. We wanted kids to stop sharing foods and drinks and basically stop swapping spit.

I made up these sassy 8 1/2 x 11 posters – I wish I’d kept a few – and plastered them in the local high school. Kids used to steal the posters I made and put them in their lockers at school.

The teachers reported back that they kept seeing the posters in the students lockers.

I don’t expect the kids actually stopped making out but we created a level of awareness that they found fun and I’m really proud of that.

Why was having printed posters important to your experience?

Thinking to today, nobody steals memes to put up in the locker. Sure, we work hard to create images folks want to share online and yep, folks steal those, too. But the real message is so easily lost in the sharing whereas everyone knew what those posters were about.

Also, it’s funny that I had viral images before that was even a thing!

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