Print is special. 

Let’s bring your brand to life in ways
your clients can see, hold, and touch. 

Branded Packaging




Oracle Cards

Gift Boxes

Course Books

Rack Cards

        Gift Boxes   ?     Notecards

           Journals   ?     Oracle Cards

        Brochures   ?     Branded Packaging

  Course Books   ?     Rack Cards

You know that soul-stirring feeling you get when…

 …you open an envelope addressed to you…

…you unbox your monthly subscription box… 

…you crack the spine on a brand new book…

That’s the experience you want to give your clients. 

You want that deep brand connection that can only be achieved in the physical world. Time to bring that high-touch element to your onboarding with print assets that serve your people and your bottom line. I’ll lead you there.  

Design for print is a journey.

It starts with your vision and — with the right direction (I’ve gotchu) — ends with luxury print assets that truly reflect the experience of working with you.

Way·point [/ˈwāˌpoint/]: a point of reference used to navigate unknown terrain.

You are here

Ready to take action!

A deep dive into your brand.

We sit down and find out what lights you (and your dream clients on fire).

You are here

Ready to take action!

Idea generating and proofing.

I go full nerd into all things your business and present you the ideas. You give the go ahead and we’re off!

Asset Creation.

We’ve reached the buried treasure at the end of the map. Time to take your print assets and use them to create memorable connection with your clients. 

X marks the spot.

“I’m very impressed with Stacy’s ability to decipher my thoughts and then design beautiful and functional documents that embody the shiftED brand. She listened intently, asked clever and thoughtful questions to uncover and tease out what I was truly looking for, presented beautiful design ideas, and did it all in a timely manner and with excellent communication.”
– Tisha Parker Kemp  | shiftED Academy

Hey! I’m Stacy, owner of Waypoint Creative Services.

I make your print design journey seamless.

A few things you should know about me:

  • At restaurants, I spend more time critiquing type & design on the menu than actually reading about the food.
  • Speaking of food…I’m so Canadian, my entree of choice is pretty much always poutine.
  • I’m a former cheerleader turned video-game & design nerd.
  • I started my business to banish bad design from the print world. Say buh-bye to DIY Canva templates and VistaPrint and “hello gorgeous” to your perfectly designed printed assets.

Embracing Print Design: 5 Ways To Optimize Your Content For Print.

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