Hi, I’m Stacy, owner of Waypoint Creative Services.

Great document design is my obsession

And I’m on a mission to banish bad design from the internet and help you ditch dastardly DIY from your documents — for good.

You know that weird friend who always knew what they wanted to do when they grew up? 

I was that friend. 

Seriously, by grade 7 — I knew I wanted to be a graphic designer. (Know any 12-year-olds that collect brochures and business cards for fun? That was me.)

And that was just the start of my entrepreneurial adventure into design…

But as we know, any adventure worth having doesn’t go in a straight line.

Here’s a little more about mine… 

Before the ink even dried on my fancy Graphic Design Degree I found myself LOVING life, working in a print shop, cutting my teeth on designing and printing assets for local businesses. 

But, after 5 years of learning the ropes and becoming an all-star graphic designer at my 9-5, I started to notice something…and it really irked me. 

Occasionally, I’d be charged with printing designs that, put simply, did NOT look good. 

Ack! Painful.

It was at that point I realized the one thing that would drive me to my swashbuckling document design heights of today: I simply could not put crap out into the world. 

This, and the birth of my two beautiful children, pushed me to create Waypoint Creative Services — where I could not only create, but lead my clients toward kick-ass document design that looks beautiful and serves real purpose in their business (no DIY required).

So just what the heck is document design? 

Glad you asked. The short answer is– it’s what I’m really really good at. 

The long(ish) answer is this: document design is the process of taking your big ideas (like your next high-converting lead magnet, your beautiful services brochure, or your clear and articulate annual report) and making them real, making them beautiful, and making them purposeful. 

Because that’s how you show up like the top-notch, techy, capable, bubbly, brass-tacks, effective [insert adjective here] entrepreneur or business that you are.

Amazing document design is a journey. One where you don’t reach the destination by accident. 

Good news is, there’s a clear path to getting the documents and assets that help your business show up exactly as you want to your dream customers and clients. 

And it looks like this:

In-depth questionnaire

I’ll ask all the right questions and get to know your business (maybe even better than you know it yourself)

Strategy meeting

We’ll sit down in real-time and plot out your vision. 

Initial design

I send you the first round and get your feedback, we hammer out any creative concept tweaks, and keep trekkin.

Revise and refine

We’ll work out any final details and refine your document to its absolute best.

Document Reveal

It’s here! Your document is ready for world.

Quiz time! (I think I aced this one) 

1. Favorite place to be:  on the couch, snuggled between my husband and two kiddos 

2. People are surprised to hear that:  I don’t drink coffee (yes, even with 2 kids, 3 cats, and a business…it’s my superpower)

3. Favorite gift to receive:  Socks. Yea. I was my mom’s favorite kid at Christmas.

4. I’m most likely to be found:  belting it to Lady Gaga and playing Stardew Valley. 

5. Thing I’m most known for: ordering poutine as my “main dish” (for Canadians it’s usually a side, but not for me…nom nom nom)

6. Weird hobby: reading cookbooks to critique the design

7. I would be lost without: bi-weekly game night–Settlers of Catan anyone?

8. Most likely to be wearing: what I call my” classy casual duds”: jeans, boots, & and flashy top (my home is a “no slacks zone”)

9. I absolutely cannot resist: dancing to anything by Ke$ha–no shame

10. Best thing in the world to me:  making my clients go WOW! (tears of joy are always a plus)

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