A few weeks ago I ordered underwear from Knix. When I received my package I was delighted to see the care they took with their packaging.

The first things I noticed were:

How it felt – smooth, seamless, and secure. A nod to the promise of their product. And minimalistic just like their brand.

How it made me feel – excited, cared for, impressed, immersed. I basically fell in love at first sight. I hadn’t even opened the package. 

Then of course my print designer brain kicked in and I dug a little deeper into the packaging experience. 

Knix took their package functionality very seriously.

Each package was simple. A black envelope with a clear plastic window near the bottom to highlight their colourful product.

5x6 solid black printed paper board envelope with two labels. A large white wrap around label with a product description for Knix leakproof thong and a smaller round yellow label printed with the Knix logo.

The envelopes themselves didn’t even have a logo printed on them. They were just solid black.

A series of labels was affixed to each envelope. 

  1. A large rectangular wrap around label with the product info. Which doubles as a secure seal on the envelope.
  2. A circular label with the Knix logo
  3. And a tiny label on the back with the product barcode.

Relying on a labeling system to customize packaging can save money. 

With custom sizing, specialized cutting, and the hand work involved to assemble it, packaging can quickly become a very costly print asset. But there’s no denying that great packaging is an essential part of a memorable customer experience.

With every print asset, the more you print, the cheaper the cost per piece. 

Creating one plain and simple package allowed Knix to print a huge volume of envelopes that can be used to package every single pair of underwear they sell. No matter how often they change the styles and colours of their products.

The packages can then be customized as each order is filled using the labels.

Printing dozens of different labels for each style and size of underwear is a much cheaper solution than printing a custom package for each different product. 

Note that cheaper does not have to mean cheap looking. Check out this label system we created for our client Black Star Wealth.

The label approach allowed Knix to customize their packages while saving on printing costs. 

Now let’s talk about shipping requirements for a second.

When you ship a package, it’s required to be sealed securely. This is often achieved with tape or similar generic packing materials.

Knix ensured their custom branded product labels were large enough to wrap around and double as a seal for their envelopes.

Eliminating the need for generic packing tape and giving them an opportunity to enhance the brand experience.

Knix struck the perfect balance of branding, functionality, and cost effectiveness with their packaging. 

Are you looking for packaging or other custom print assets to enhance your customer experience? Let’s chat!