An example of a brand guide page showing the different logo variations for Waypoint Creative.


Part 5 Of The Visual Branding Series

Does Your Business Need a Style Guide?

TL;DR: Yes.

Your business needs a shareable style guide that will help your employees, stakeholders and collaborators effectively communicate your brand.

Remember when I said that getting to know you and your brand will be the foundation for our success? Educating your designer (and all your other collaborators) is a large part of your role in the design process.

Perhaps the most obvious: your Style Guide educates others on how to use your logo.

Your Style Guide will outline how collaborators and employees use your logo. You’ll answer questions like:

  • Which logo format should I use?
  • Which colour variation should I use?
  • How much white space needs to be around the logo for maximum impact?

The Style Guide demonstrates your brand colours and their uses.

Creating brand consistency means using the proper colour format for your medium. You may have primary and secondary brand colours, and your collaborators and employees need to know which colours to use and when. Your guide will also show them what colour format they should use, whether that be via hex code or pantone, cmyk or rgb.

Tell employees and collaborators when to use which typography when communicating your brand.

Your typography is the glue that holds your branding together. However, if your decorative script is used for unreadable headers by a well-meaning team member, you’ll come apart at the seams.

Typography creates texture on a page – but the texture you create will be different on web products than print. You shouldn’t assume anyone will know which font to use when. Clearly define which fonts are used on each medium and how they’ll be used.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what story is your brand telling with imagery?

How to choose appropriate imagery can be one of the trickiest elements to define for collaborators and employees. A picture that looks happy to you may look one step away from hysteria to someone else.

Your Style Guide can create a checklist for choosing images that explain the lifestyle using your product or service helps to create:

  • Does the image incorporate brand colours?
  • Do the people in your image reflect your targeted audience?
  • Does the outcome illustrated align with the outcome our products and services provide?
  • Does the image align with our brand values?

As mentioned, the palette for your images should follow your brand colours. However, your graphic designer can alter the images or add a filter so it more clearly reflects your brand.

A Style Guide is a convenient, shareable and easily referenced document that ensures brand consistency. It helps develop your brand identity and further brand recognition.

Have you got all your style elements in one place? Waypoint Creative can help you create your own set of brand guidelines, customized to your brand, mission, vision and values.