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Brand Launch Materials

Brand Launch Materials

Brand Launch Swag For Sarah Zerkel Copy & Strategy

Sarah is a conversion copywriter and strategist helping 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs show up like big league players in their copy.

To celebrate the launch of her new website and rebrand, Sarah hosted a Brand Birthday event.

She was looking for brand swag to deliver as a nice gesture, not just career fair like promotional items with a logo slapped on them. Remarkable design and items that her audience would keep and use over and over. Really leaning into the connection and brand building essence of print. 

To increase longevity and reinforce her unique brand voice, a signature cocktail was included on the backside of the invitation.

While the invite was created specifically for the brand birthday event, the rest of the swag was created with a dual purpose.

After the event, Sarah continues to send packages to her high end clients that include an Amplify Your Awesome hardcover journal and a Forever Classic ceramic mug. Both neatly wrapped in tissue paper of her brand colour and sealed with a Sarah Zerkel sticker.

A journal with a colourful collage and the words Amplify Your Awesome on the cover.
White ceramic mug with green, pink, and orange coke bottles in a repeating patten. A large coke bottle with rainbows bursting from the top bears the words Forever Classic
Event invite featuring a photo of Sarah Zerkel next to the detail of her brand launch event.
Sarah Zerkel

“I am so flipping excited about my assets! They all go together so well. This is totally swag I’m going to be giving to my clients for a long time. It’s just too good to keep to one event!”

Sarah Zerkel – Sarah Zerkel Copy & Strategy

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