The Cost Of Printing An Onboarding Kit

The possibilities really are endless when it comes to onboarding kits. You can go as elaborate as a fully branded box filled with custom printed books, journals, and branded goodies, or you can opt for a simple envelope with a custom workbook. 

The number one question I’m asked when it comes to onboarding kits is, how much will it cost to print. Unfortunately, this isn’t an easy question to answer. Why? Because there are so many variables that go into pricing a print job. So let’s start there.

What information is needed to price an onboarding kit?

To price your onboarding kit, a printer will need to know the following:

  • How many kits you’re looking to have printed
  • What print pieces are going in your kit (booklets, affirmation cards, notecards, etc.)
  • The size of each of your pieces 
  • The material they’ll be printed on
  • If any finishing is required. This means folding, scoring, perforating, etc. 
  • Any special print techniques (gold foil, neon inks, embossing, etc.)

I know, it’s a lot. 

When we work together, the two most important pieces of info I’ll need from you are:

  1. How many onboarding kits do you need?
  2. Are there any creative extras you’ve been dreaming about?

In print, the cost per piece goes down as the volume increases. For example, you can print 50 flyers at a cost of $1.23 per flyer or you can print 500 flyers for a cost of $0.51 each. 

The more kits you’re printing, the lower the cost per kit will be. For this reason, it’s best to plan how many kits you’ll need over the next year rather than just one or two months’ worth. 

Let’s address those creative considerations. 

If you really want gold foil, let me know. Or if you’re dying to use white ink on black paper, that’s an important detail that should not be left out. Both gold foil and white ink are considered specialty print techniques and they will have a significant impact on the cost of your onboarding kits.

As for the other variables, we’ll work together to figure out what makes the most sense for your brand and your budget.

Setting a print budget for your onboarding kits.

With any project, it’s always important to set a budget. For a print project, you’ll want to consider not only the printing but also the design and mailing costs

Let’s look at a couple of examples based on having 50 onboarding kits printed. Please note, all prices are in Canadian dollars. 

We’ll start with the most elaborate onboarding kit. A custom branded box with all the fixings.


Product Total Cost Cost Per Piece
Custom Branded Box $928.80 $18.78
56-page perfect bound course book $589.00 $11.78
Custom journal – Spiral Bound $660.00 $13.21
Welcome note – Min Qty. 100 $54.20 $0.54
Tissue paper – Min Qty. 250 $175.00 $0.70
Stickers for wrapping – Min Qty. 250 $110.00 $0.44
Total $2517 $45.45

When you’re selling high-ticket programs, a printing cost of $45 per participant is manageable. Of course, you do have to consider that the printing cost will need to be paid upfront.

In our second scenario, we’ll explore a simpler kit.

Product Total Cost Cost Per Piece
36-page perfect bound course book $468.00 $9.36
Full colour 9×12 envelope $322.06 $6.44
Welcome note $54.20 $0.54
Total $844.26 $16.34

There’s an onboarding kit option for every budget.

As you can see from the two scenarios above, costs for creating an onboarding kit can vary greatly. Your kit can be even more elaborate than scenario one, or simpler than scenario two. In either case, I encourage you to start out by:

  • Setting a print budget. 
  • Writing out all your desires
  • Consulting an experienced print designer

If you’re looking to create a kit, but you’re not sure where to start, why not book a Print-spiration session. Together we’ll brainstorm the perfect print pieces for your onboarding kit and ensure they fit your brand and your budget.